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Team Building Malaysia @ Cherating Lagoona Villa Resort

About The Author

Team Building Malaysia @ Cherating Lagoona Villa Resort
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About The Author

19.1. About The Author

Leading the transformation of Cherating Lagoona Villa Resort, Mr. Afiq Tariq oversaw its evolution into a vibrant hub for team-building. Founded by his late father, Allahyarham Professor Dr. Tariq bin Abd Razak (Al fatihah), back in 1995, this resort started as a cozy family getaway with just a dozen chalets.

Aware and concerned about the company’s long-term challenges, the complexities of today’s digital marketing landscape, and the future sustainability of the staff, he assumed the role of CEO in 2019. Collaborating with his late father, mentors, staff, and friends, his team reshaped the company’s direction and business model. Thanks to their combined efforts, what was once a modest holiday spot blossomed into a thriving hub for team-building retreats.

Mr. Afiq earned his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Multimedia University Cyberjaya, Malaysia. His first hands-on learning by doing experience in entrepreneurship came through the Business Coaching & Mentoring Program, a collaborative effort between the Pahang State Government, Yayasan Pahang, YP Advanced Skills, and Ainon Business School (ABS), from 2019 to 2022. During this time, he received mentorship from strategic business consultant Tuan Mohd Suhaimi bin Mohd Taib and BMC coach Puan Irnee binti Ismail.

Apart from his endeavors in managing team-building camps, Mr. Afiq, along with partner Mr. Ahmad Syihabuddin, enjoys exploring and showcasing local travel destinations. They curate content for popular Facebook pages “Cuti Kat Mana” and “Ratu Cuti,” amassing a combined following of nearly 1 million followers.

Mr. Afiq’s book, Malaysian Guide to Team Building aims to facilitate team-building activities anywhere, anytime, whether in the office, classroom, school, home, family gathering, or at Cherating Lagoona Villa Resort.

19.2. Acknowledgments

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the following individuals whose dedication and support have been invaluable in the creation of this book:

Tuan Mohd Suhaimi bin Mohd Taib

Puan Irnee binti Ismail

Tuan Abdul Wahab bin Mohamed

Tuan Azeli bin Ismail

Puan Robedah binti Mohamed

Puan Noor Fazliana binti Zulkifli

Tuan Ahmad Syihabuddin bin Mohamad Saat

Tuan Muhamad Syakir bin Mohamad Sampian

Tuan Suhaimi bin Abdul Razak

Tuan Daeng Jeary Azha

Puan Suehaiza binti Mat Yassin

Puan Tengu Zahira binti Tengku Putih

Tuan Sufian bin Sulong

Puan Maznah binti Yaacob

Puan Fauziah binti Yusof

Tuan Azmi bin Ismail

Tuan Azman bin Ismail

Puan Suparmi binti Misman

Tuan Syazrul Shazrin bin Azmi

Tuan Shariful Ruslan bin Tuan Ibrahim

Puan Laily

Tuan Fendi

Puan Effa

Puan Aina Faatimah binti Razak

Puan Erina binti Razak

Tuan Zulkifli

Tuan Rahim

Puan Batrisyah binti Zulkifli

Puan Syakirah

Tuan Wan Asma Azizi bin Wan Ahmad

Tuan Kamarulzaman

Tuan Naim Zafaim ATV Motorsports

Puan Faridah bin Idris

Puan Rosnani bin Idris

Tuan Rahim

Tuan Zairi

Adik Muhammad Alif Ikhwan bin Azeli

Adik Muhammad Alif Zikrillah bin Azeli

Puan Sunita binti Osman

Puan Nurul Najihah binti Abdullah

Tuan Hafiz Firefly

Tuan Hafiz bin Abdul Razak

Tuan Saiful Amri bin Fauzi

Tuan Hisyam bin Abdul Razak

Tuan Khairul Nizam

Tuan Azlan bin Abu Bakar

Tuan Meor

Tuan Mohamed Yaser bin Mohamad Desa

Tuan Muhammad Syahir

Tengku Zamri bin Tengku Musa

Tengku Zaidi bin Tengku Musa

To all former staff of the company and all who worked under the leadership of my late father, I express my highest appreciation for your work. Your commitment and contribution have played a significant role in shaping the resort’s journey, my personal growth, and the content of this book.

We Play to Learn to Live,

Afiq Tariq

9.30 P.M., 25 February 2024, Restoran Aliff Maju, Kuantan

We do not remember days, we remember moments

Tuan Abdul Wahab bin Mohamed,
Lagoona’s Head Team Building Coordinator