We foster TEAMWORK & COLLABORATION spirit through 

We foster TEAMWORK & COLLABORATION spirit through 

What I Hear, I Forget
What I See, I Remember
What I do, I Know


About Us

When it comes to Personality Assessment and Mentoring, Cherating Lagoona Villa Resort-Team Building professionals are the best. We specialize in personality assessments, and we use a variety of psychological techniques and training methods to help you launch your career and achieve your goals in the future. During our training, you will learn self-improvement, confidence, leadership qualities, team-building abilities, and improving skills. It will assist you in discovering your hidden talents, allowing you to perform at your peak and emerge victorious from experience. At Cherating Lagoona Villa Resort-Team Building, we follow a systematic training, evaluation, and counseling approach. You would be trained by a close-knit team of highly qualified and experienced faculty from various disciplines.

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Team Building Outbound
@ Cherating Lagoona Villa

Recreational Activities On Land

Flying Fox/Zip Lining

Dynamic obstacle course

Mud Soccer

Wall Climbing

ATV Motorsport


Jungle Trekking-finding Lokan

Traditional Archery

Recreational Activities On Water

Water Blob

Cherating Mangrove River Cruise

Water Rafting

Team Bonding

Management Games

Zumba Dance

Ice breaking & Orienting (School & University)

Ice breaking & Orienting (Corporate)

Cultural Batik Workshop

The Amazing Race

Night Walk

Additional Food Item (Other than package)


Roasted Mutton

Want to experience VIRTUAL REALITY at Cherating Lagoona Villa?

3 Free Game Activities


Team Building Malaysia

Beach volleyball

Team Building Malaysia

Mud Soccer

Certificate of Recognition

Coaching Certificate

Map of Cherating Lagoona Villa Resort

team building map lagoona

What We do?

Why Cherating Lagoona Villa Resort-Team Building

Outdoor Location

Cherating Lagoona Villa Resort-Team Building Training Venues

Our location offers a wide range of adventure activities. It has all the necessary facilities to host outward-bound and adventure-based programs. The setting is ideal for a wide range of activities, thanks to the facility’s mix of man-made and natural elements. We’ve organized our resources and training into the three sections listed below to facilitate various team-building exercises.

Outdoor and Recreational Activities on Land

Outdoor and Recreational Activities on Water

Team Bonding

Free Games

Why Outbound Experiential Learning?

Taking a break from the usual routine in a peaceful setting provides participants with the necessary environment to introspect and analyze themselves. As facilitators, our job is to set the stage for participants to develop solutions to challenging issues. Participants must demonstrate critical thinking, effective communication, creative problem-solving, leadership, risk-taking, and active support for their teammates.

Team Development- An overview

A team is a group of people working together to accomplish a common goal, which they achieve through their combined efforts. When a team is functioning correctly, there is a sense of vigor, cohesion, and excitement. People are there because of what they bring to the table, not because some organization chart says so. If the team wins, the individual wins as well. A team doesn’t ‘bond’ overnight. They go through a lot of growth, and if they’re successful, it’s because they worked hard for it.

Goals, Strategies, Priorities, and Actions

As a starting point for productive collaboration, ask yourself, “What exactly are we here for?” Unless everyone on the team can agree on this fundamental point, they will be pulling in different directions and wasting their energy. There may be conflicting visions, priorities, and personal goals within the team, but outside the team, there are pressures and opportunities that must be taken into account. Teams will require additional time to investigate these concerns thoroughly. There is no definitive answer to this dilemma. It will have to be reevaluated as the situation changes. When new challenges arise, the group must be adaptable in its working methods and overall strategy. Goal-setting can be a painful process, as past experiences, assumptions, and ways of working have to be questioned and replaced with more appropriate ones.

Nature of the program

Management Development Outdoors is a method of experiential learning that aims to break away from traditional teaching methods such as seminars and exams or the traditional classroom. Experiential learning is founded on three proven facts:

Experiential Learning

When it comes to education, experiential learning moves away from traditional education’s theoretical and parrot-like methods. Some things can’t be learned from books or lectures. Experiential learning is a natural and constant life process that all development training, particularly Management Development Outdoors, aims to capitalize on. Experiential learning can be broken down into a four-step cycle:

Experiential learning, on the other hand, emphasizes the importance of:

How We Do it

Who can benefit from Outbound Experiential Learning?


It has been proven that Out Bound team building and experiential learning can-

'To fully develop as a person, no matter what their age, ability, or circumstance, every  person should have exposure to the world outside of school and work.

Afiq Tariq


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